EC - Minox 8x11 1st German Minox Club Special Edition

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One year after the release of the Special Edition EC for the Minox Historical Society Minox sent out an invitation with a photograph of the kit to order the Minox Club Special Edition EC.

This is the first Minox EC that has been sold commercially in other than black. The blue Riga colour (a camera that can be briefly seen on the video "Minox is my Life") was chosen and and the bottom of the camera has the Minox club logo and the signature of Walter Zapp 1905-2003, a tribute to the inventor who died in July.

Although Walter Zapp had stood up at a meeting of the Minox Club many years ago to declare that he had nothing to do with the Minox EC, and he may have preferred the Minox AX to the EC model, it has not been reported what he thought of the camera itself.

The complete kit, with the extra wooden case and key fob that arrived later will not all fit into the box.

The blue of the EC is a covering, paint or lacquered, not blue plastic and it is hard and very smooth. As the EC already has ribbed grips for finger and thumb it is not a problem in handling.

The strap supplied is the same as for the ECX, a loop and a long cord, not the wrist strap as supplied with the MHS Special Edition EC. Unfortunately the key fob can not be clipped to the camera, but neck cords are available and it is easy enough to replace the spring clip on the key fob and allow the camera to be hung from the neck.

Although the EC was launched in 1988 with serial number 2700001 and at least 154070 have been manufactured it is one of the most pocketable and easiest 8x11 camera to use; and the blue EC of this Special Edition perhaps the most elegant of it's incarnations.
Model EC - Minox Club Special Edition
Serial # 2853941 special edition number 60/111
Finish/colour blue - "Riga-blue"
Instructions English
Accessories wrist strap, pouch case, hard wooden case with Minox club logo, hard wooden case no logo,  presentation box with silver band wrap, desk mat, key fob and lens cleaner cloth
Purchased December 2003
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 197.95EUR including VAT @ 16%
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
Comment The set was delivered before Christmas, but without manuals and soft case and the wooden box without logo. Manuals arrived shortly after the New Year and the soft case, a wooden box with Minox Club logo and two addition gifts the key fob and lens cleaner cloth. Unfortunately neither box shuts tight with the camera inside, some modification of the leatherette inlay is needed.




The case or pouch is the same as the one with the MD6x16A


The desk mat is sold by Minox for 6EUR and is a dealer/shop counter mat.

top, with 35mm camera outline, and bottom with just the Minox logo.

Original presentation box, with a plate covering the space for the flash cube unit. Also has the power pack of the battery adapter and four button cells and a 36 exposure colour film.


Note that the Minox Club serial number is a sticker above the original EC serial number sticker.



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