Minox ECX - Minox 8x11 - introduction

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year 1998-
lens 4 element 3 group MINAR 15mm / f/5.6
dimensions 80 x 30 x 18 mm 3-1/8 x 1-3/16 x 3/4"
weight 45g 160 g
shutter 1/500-8s
battery 5.6V PX27 OR four 386 +ADAPTER
finish black macrolon

1 variation

Finish Painted MINOX Logo on front of camera
black Logo

The evolution of the EC introduced at Photokina in 1998 along with the evolution of the LX, the TLX.  Black body of Novodur GV, it weighs 56 g (2 oz) with the four A76 batteries. The viewfinder includes a red LED for slow-speed warning (longer than 1/30s), a battery check, and a new "Film Cartridge is in Camera" LED indicator. A special flash contact is provided for connecting a new MINOX 8x11 flash.  The ECX is an automatic exposure camera with a computer-controlled leaf shutter (aperture priority).  ASA 25 to 400 (DIN 12to 27) at shutter speeds between 1/500th and 8 seconds, automatically adjusted to the preset aperture (f/5.6).  

Newly designed Minar 15mm f/5.6 lens has an improved coating. the new shape has a circular lens frame to assist in avoiding getting fingers in front of the lens. Unfortunately the shiny metal appearance reduces it's 'private eye' appeal. The more rectangular shape means the volume of the camera is slightly more than that of the EC and so the slip case for the ECX is slightly larger to accommodate.

Model Minox ECX
Serial #  2902591
Finish/colour  black with white logo and figures
Purchased 2003/11/13
Date of Manufacture 2003
Current Value 84.68EUR
Auction Price Ebay
02/11/10 104EUR
03/05/29 92GBP
03/09/23 215.50USD
03/11/10 60.50USD
03/11/11 98EUR
03/11/16 98EUR
04/01/18 51EUR
04/03/08 120USD
04/03/13 113.50USD
04/03/21 103.50USD
04/10/04 99GBP
04/11/04 99GBP
02/09/24 165USD
03/05/03 92.68EUR
03/06/10 100USD
06/04/02 31.87GBP
06/06/13 225USD
06/06/22 228USD flash set
06/06/25 62.91EUR box
06/08/20 119EUR box

The other change is in the lug that allows the wrist strap to be attached, This is head on by a weak spring clip washer and so easily dislodges. The neck chord of the EC will not fit and the camera can not be hung around the neck (the lug WILL fall off). The EC has a ring snake chain. The ECX has a chord with button loop.

Shown here is 2902591, purchased in 2003. This implies that at least 2591 cameras have been sold.

The strap is a cord with a simple loop tag. The EC had a snake chain and an option neck cord and neither are compatible with the ECX, The strap can't be used as a neck chord and the fitting of the cord to the camera is a very weak spring clip - cheaper to produce but also very easy to get pulled out even when simply removing from the optional leather slip on case (or even just carrying in your bag). The case of the ECX appears to be slightly larger than that of the EC (presumably to accommodate the bulge around the lens and the more square cross section).

The new electronic flash design is much larger than the 8x11 flash supplied with the EC-Exclusive and TLX- Exclusive sets, and for no apparent reason.

Last Updated on 20th August 2006