Minox LX - Minox 8x11 (1978-1996)

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year 2000
lens 4 element 3 group MINOX 15mm / f/3.5
dimensions 108 x 28 x 16 mm 4-1/4 x 1-1/8 x 5/8"
weight 160g 5.6 oz
shutter 1/2000-15
battery  5.6V PX27 OR four 386 +ADAPTER
finish brass black anodized with gold trim

2 variations metric/imperial

Finish Focus Painted in GOLD
black with gold trim Metric, 
Imperial (Feet. inch)
Logo on front of camera MINOX LX Edition 2000 MADE IN GERMANY on the bottom

Exactly four decades after the Riga-Minox appear, the 1978 Photokina in Koln saw the debut of the LX. The Minox LX is shorter than the C (but larger than the B and BL). 

A refined redesign of the Minox C (by Professor Richard Fischer), the Minox LX features a radically different look to its dials and shutter release button, a top speed of 1/2000th plus a special flash speed setting, and includes three LEDs on the camera body. 

The change in position of the shutter release was claimed to have been made to help avoid getting fingers in front of the lens. 

The Minox LX is nearly a half an inch shorter than the Minox C, has its ISO setting dial on the back, has the neutral density filter only, and is the first 8x11 Minox to include a standard tripod-screw bushing. Hence it also uses a different kind of case and chain and requires a different tripod head and copy stand.

Serial numbers begin at 2500001 with more than 37,000 built up to 1995. Sales where low, improved a little in 1983 but the black LX ceased production in 1986. Following the limited edition Gold Selection-LX of 1987/88 interest picked up in the USA of the black anodized LX lead to reopening of production and inflated prices. By 1994 black LX's were no longer available. Other limited editions where the Platin, Gold II and Sterling silver.

The 1998 titanium TLX had other chances beside the finish. The chrome CLX and gold/black LX 2000 (Millennium), Aviator and LX 100th Anniversary editions are based upon The TLX.


These are the ultimate 8x11 cameras, but they don't come cheap: street prices for new ones begin around $700!

LX cameras sold in Europe do not have the MINOX logo on the front of the camera. Most sold in the USA do. On the bushed aluminium the lettering is in black and on the black LX is white. The rarity of ether has not been published. See LX Compared

A special edition LX was commissioned in purple. See Steve Uhrig's story.

See also TLX/CLX/LX 2000/Aviator.

Last Updated on 14th October 2005