Minox EC - Minox 8x11 Minox Historical Society Special Edition

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Finish Lens Cover Meter
black grey rectangular
grey circular
black circular

Model EC - Minox Historical Society set
Serial # 2850787 special edition number 53/100
Finish/colour black
Instructions German
Accessories wrist strap, pouch case, hard wooden case with MHS logo, presentation box, Video tape - Minox is my Life, desk mat
Purchased October 2002
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 224 EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2006/03/13 320USD, 2006/07/24 129.06USD, 2006/08/25 225USD, 2007/04/14 181.39USD (15/100)

The case or pouch is the same as the one with the MD6x16A

The desk mat is sold by Minox for 6EUR and is a dealer/shop counter mat.

top, with 35mm camera outline, and bottom with just the Minox logo.

Original presentation box, with a plate covering the space for the flash cube unit. Also has the power pack of the battery adapter and four button cells and a 36 exposure colour film.

The VHS video tape in in English (Pal or NTSC) and was originally part of the CLX 60th anniversary edition.

The MHS 'eye' logo. The wrist strap is also found on the Minox DC1311 digital camera.

Note that the MHS serial number is a sticker above the original EC serial number sticker.


Last Updated on 16th April 2007