C - Minox 8x11 Complan lens, white bulb, raised rim

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Finish Lens Meter Frame counter Rim UV Filter over cell Focus Engraving
chrome, black, gold Complan lens


white light, max 7 seconds raised present Metric/DIN e.g. 2313545,  Imperial (Feet. inch)/ASA  e.g. 2310160 Logo C USA, FI, none

imperial (feet/inches and ASA)

e.g. 2310160, also USA (sample wanted)

Model Minox C imperial English
Serial # 2310160
Finish/colour chrome / brushed aluminium
Case black ever ready case
Purchased 2002/01/06
Date of Manufacture 1969
Cost 204.49USD
Current Value  
Auction Price see C

Last Updated on 27th January 2002