Minox LX - 100th Anniversary of the birth of Walter Zapp 04.09.1905

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This year MINOX celebrates the 100th birthday of a unique inventor and founder of the company.

A superb masterpiece of camera technology has been produced by MINOX GmbH in Wetzlar, Germany in memory of a true pioneer and famous designer who has made his mark in photographic history. To celebrate the 100th birthday of MINOX inventor, Walter Zapp, the famous founder of the company, on the 4 September 2005, MINOX presented a Special Edition of its 8x11mm top camera model.

With his design of the first MINOX camera, which became world famous - especially as a spy camera - Zapp laid the foundation for this traditional Hessian company in 1936. Miniature cameras in the 8x11 film format continued to be made by hand in Wetzlar, Germany in 2005.

A hand made camera is the central piece of this limited edition set, an LX miniature camera with a high-gloss chrome finish combined with leather case, measuring chain, 8x11mm subminiature film and battery pack.

Included in the set is a special medal minted from fine silver, which marks two very special dates that are being celebrated at the optical specialists in Wetzlar, Germany this year. Along with the portrait of Walter Zapp and his anniversary dates, the coin also refers to the 60th anniversary of MINOX as a company.

Model Edition 100 Jahre Walter Zapp
Serial #  
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 999EUR, 999GBP,
99EUR, 99USD coin on it's own
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2007/07/12 506EUR




Last Updated on 19th July 2007