Accessories - Minox TLX 1995-2005

The TLX (as the LX) has a 1/4" tripod sockets and a different position for the shutter release to Minox A, B, C and BL cameras. This required a change in the design of the tripod attachment, binocular attachment and saw an improvement in the FL4 flash cube unit. There is no raised rim around the dials so the filters for the Minox A (and C) and reflex mirror will not fit.

binocular attachment | 80s (LX) | 80s (LX, tripod) |

Binocular Attachment 80s (LX) | 80s (LX, tripod) |

cases LX

electronic flash with adapter 8x11 | ECX

flash cube units  FL4

tripods | 50s grey box | early 60s blue green box | 60s | 70s | 70s late | 80s | 80s Mk II | boxes | cases | cable releases

tripod attachments | LX | small fixed stud 

Last Updated on 27th January 2002