Minox 8x11 - tripod boxes compared

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The Minox tripod was normally sold with leather case. Some boxes are marked with out case. There have been a number of minor changes in the tripod itself (see Tripods Compared) and cases (see Tripod Cases).

Obtaining tripods in boxes before the late 1950s is particularly difficult. The silver grey box (above) was the house style until 1961. For most accessories this the next house style is the bluish green box with a diagram of the accessory on the top. For tripods there is a an intermediate form - plain greenish-blue box with just the Minox eye logo.

With the introduction of the Minox C the house style changed. The bright blue box has a photograph of the accessory on the top. The first forms of cases are of the 1960s type, and the new long arm adapter will not fit correctly. In the late 1970s the case was changed from a zipper to a button down flap and the wrist strap lost.

At the end of the 1970s the box no longer shows a Minox 8x11 camera but a Minox 35mm (see below). The button down case is not large enough to hold the tripod adapter, not even the plastic one for the LX camera. The same box, but now in red (bottom right above) was sold in the 1980s.



Last Updated on 24th October 2005