Minox 8x11 - tripod cases compared

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There have been a number of minor changes in the tripod itself (see Tripods Compared) and the box that it was sold in  (see Tripod Boxes).

The Minox tripod cases are made of soft leather. The first case for the Minox tripod is just the length of the tripod and is secured by drawstrings. The next version is longer and the top has space for the tripod attachment. This form also has a wrist strap / belt loop. These where available in the same colours as the cases for the Minox A and Minox B cameras:-

 brown, red or green Saffian, black or pig skin (natural colour).

With the introduction of the Minox C the tripod attachment gained a longer arm and so the top of the case was enlarged to accommodate the new tripod attachment. These were only available in black. In the late 1980s the zipper and wrist strap gave way to the button down case and in the late 1980s the tripod was sold with a smaller case, with out space for the tripod attachment. The box no longer shows the tripod

Last Updated on 24th October 2005