Minox 8x11 - tripod 70s satin finish

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The late 1970s version tripod is finished in satin. The ball is larger and a slot for the tripod head to move through 90 degrees. The green case below is like the earlier version and will not take the Minox C type tripod attachment.

The next two versions have a larger case, the first with a zip and the second form has a button down flap and the wrist strap does not saddle both side but is attached to the back only.

Model Pocket Tripod
Finish/colour Satin
Case green case not for long arm tripod attachment black zip case for long arm tripod attachment black button down case for long arm tripod attachment black button down no space for tripod adapter
Box   bright blue picture box bright blue picture box 35mm camera
Purchased 02/12/16 01/02/24 2003/10/27 01/02/14
Date of Manufacture        
Cost 45EUR 64DEM 39EUR 64DEM
Current Value        
Auction Price Ebay
* 01/02/24 64DEM box
01/11/19 61USD box
01/12/11 51USD (with binocular attachment 60s)
* 03/10/27 39EUR (button down case)
* 03/11/02 31.50EUR adapter
04/01/30 42.50EUR box
04/04/11 44.05EUR box
04/08/09 39.61EUR large case for long arm attachment
* 05/02/14 76USD long arm adapter, large case
06/01/14 39USD black case, long arm adapter
06/11/08 24.99USD black case, long arm adapter
06/11/08 9.99USD blue box
06/11/08 21EUR blue box
07/03/04 19.60EUR blue box
07/09/17 29.12GBP box
* 01/02/14 64DEM
02/01/14 40.49EUR
03/10/21 65.50USD
04/01/19 35.50EUR
04/06/13 26EUR
04/07/21 47.50EUR
04/08/22 30.50EUR
04/09/06 33.73EUR
05/08/15 22GBP !
05/10/10 21.53EUR
Comment The leg has a small socket at the end. When the leg is twisted the ball socket is tightened up.

Black zip case

Black button down case

Still in the house style of bright blue but now the link to 8x11 cameras is dropped in flavour of the 35mm camera shown on the top of the box. The case is now much smaller as the 35mm camera does not require any attachment to support a cable release.

Last Updated on 27th September 2007