Minox 8x11 - tripod 50s grey box

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Early versions of the tripod with boxes are rare. By using the tripod attachment as a guide to the changes in the house style the box shown below should be the third version; the first being fur grey with Minox eye logo in gold, the second a grey box with a blue lining, and this, the third, having an off white interior.

Model Pocket Tripod 1/4"
Finish/colour chrome plating
Case soft brown leather with zip, wrist strap and space for adapter
Box grey, blue band on edged, interior off white.
Instructions IX 56 English
Purchased 2005/01/19
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 89.99USD grey box, leather case
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
02/03/17 58.10USD
02/07/10 55USD
02/07/20 65.99USD plain box
04/02/11 16.55GBP
04/03/03 57USD grey box, leather case
04/12/18 100USD grey box
* 05/01/19 89.99USD grey box, leather case
05/08/18 61USD (grey box, leather case, & adapter (long arm)
05/10/28 76USD (grey box)
05/11/05 42.08USD (with attachment)
06/02/16 51USD (grey box)
06/02/27 41USD (grey box)
06/06/30 69.99USD (grey box, attachment)
06/08/08 47.99USD (grey box)
07/09/15 51.01USD (grey box)
08/02/04 81USD (grey box)
Comment The leg has a small black metal disc at the end and a coiled spring below it. When the leg is twisted the ball socket is tightened up.

The sample below has an instruction sheet, in German, dated XII 61. It was purchased with a large collection of accessories in grey boxes.

Last Updated on 15th September 2007