Minox 8x11 - ME2 Electronic Flash Units (DIN)

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The ME2 was introduced in 1971 and had a short period of sales of 3 years. It was reported that the entire production was made in the morning, parts boxed for the next 10 years and all shipped to Minox in the afternoon. The rechargeable NiCads are built into the unit, making it larger then the ME1 head but overall much smaller. The ME2 is thyristor controlled and compensates for film speed sensitivity. It also has a manual mode for full power. The camera is pushed into a hole to connect. This means that a Minox A can not be used with it, the flash end is too short and the flash would block out the view finder. The charger is plug, two pins (continent Europe style or US flat pins) with a small screw that can be used to select 110, 127, 220, 240 volts. It can be used about 50 times before needing to be recharged. An adapter hot shoe and PC cable allow the ME2 to be used with cameras from other manufacturers. It also allows the ME2 to be used as a bounce flash although there are no brackets to assist in holding this arrangement steady.

Model Minox ME2 (DIN)
Finish/colour matt chrome and black
Box polystyrene with cardboard wrapper
Instructions German
Purchased 2000/12/08
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 225DEM
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
*00/12/08 225DEM
01/12/03 166DEM
02/04/15 115USD
02/06/08 58EUR
02/06/08 70EUR
02/11/24 86EUR
02/12/02 53EUR
03/10/05 49.50EUR
05/10/02 74EUR
05/12/18 4.90EUR (hot shoe adapter piece only)
06/01/22 171GBP (box)
06/03/14 21EUR (case)
07/04/29 52.67EUR (case)
08/03/10 56.85EUR (instructions. case)

In use the ME2 is held, not the camera as it is significantly larger than a Minox C. It is flexible and reliable, more so that the flash cube unit C4. Black ME2 have been offered for sale. The origin of these is not clear. All black ME2 with silver dials do not appear on the prices lists and may have been an after market modification.

1/100 sec. with Minox B

1/125 sec with Minox C (1/250 sec. in C manual)

1/250 sec. with Minox BL (in BL manual)

Flash photography is possible up to 1/250 sec with the Minox C, but not at 1/500 sec. or 1/1000 sec. and then only with a camera in full serviced condition.


Last Updated on 19th April 2008