Minox 8x11 - Minox Electronic Flash USA

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Minox introduced the Minox A with flash nipple PC socket in 1954 but where very slow in making any flash unit for the camera. With Minox GmbH support Minox USA marketed a bulb unit in 1955. The following year they advertised the "world's smallest, lightest and easiest to use electronic flash ... weighs a mere 24 oz". It sold for 82.50USD.

The connecting cable between the battery supply/capacitors and flash head is a coil. The plastic covering of this is usually found cracked, with holes and the connector itself split open. It is not save to use these units, even under test.

The flash head is a fan flash and attaches and clamps to the camera by a dial on the side. For use with the Minox B a plate to protect the light meter button was available. A hot shoe accessory that pushes inside the flash allowed it to be used with other cameras.

Model Minox Electronic flash, USA
Finish/colour matt chrome
Case leather case for capacitors, battery or mains adapter
Instructions America
Date of Manufacture 1956
Cost 2002/01/05 286USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
* 02/01/05 286USD
03/02/22 280.11USD # 6510
03/03/03 600USD box
03/10/19 303EUR
04/04/30 104EUR
* 04/10/11 86.63USD
04/12/16 60GBP
06/01/13 222.50USD (No.6522, with parabolic reflector, fan flash and case)
06/01/28 164GBP
06/02/11 698.91USD (both reflectors, original box and packaging)
07/04/26 99GBP (case)
07/08/23 63USD
08/02/04 97.35USD
08/05/05 717.89USD (both reflectors, original box and packaging)

Last Updated on 6th May 2008