Minox 8x11 - ECX Electronic Flash Units

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In 1998 the ECX camera was sold with optional ECX electronic flash unit. The same adapter for the 8x11 electronic flash enables the ECX flash to be used with other Minox cameras. This flash however is larger than the 8x11 electronic flash. It has a faster recharging cycle and uses a lithium CR2 battery.

1/50 sec. with Minox A and B

1/60 sec. with Minox BL

1/125 sec. with Minox C and LX

Model ECX electronic flash
Finish/colour black with matt chrome glass surround
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value 118EUR
Auction Price Ebay
04/07/06 64.05USD
07/06/18 27.05EUR (box)
08/01/16 33.50GBP (box)
Comment Rarely seen sold on it's own. Most owners have purchased as part of the ECX set

Last Updated on 16th January 2008