Minox 8x11 - ME1 Electronic Flash Units (DIN)

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The ME1 consists of a light weight strobe, similar in size to the B-C AG1 flash bulb unit, but is attached by a long cable to a heavy power pack fixed to photographer's belt or held by it's strap in the hand. A switch selects between full power and partial power, with and without neutral density filter. With new batteries fully charged the capacity is between 100 and 150 flashes. The batteries are nickel cadmium, soldered to the circuit board and not user changeable. Early units have smooth upper surface and are shinier than later version with a matt finish. Connector cables are grey, changed to black with later serial numbers. The hand strap is either light grey or dark grey. The distance scale is either metric (in metres) with DIN or imperial (in feet) with ASA selection. The NiCads do leak and wear with age. Finding a working unit is now difficult although if the flash charges from the mains then the circuit is good and replacing the batteries is sufficient. The flash head can be operated away from the camera by an accessory flash extension cord, thus avoiding over exposure at close range.

1/100 sec. with Minox B

A version with a matt black head has been sold. This product does not appear on prices lists and is possibly an after market modification.

A case was made for the ME1, but it was not mentioned in the brochures.

Model Minox Heliotron ME1 (DIN)
Finish/colour matt chrome
Box polystyrene with cardboard wrapper
Purchased 02/06/30
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 132EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
* 01/10/05 110USD
02/01/08 150USD
03/11/10 100USD
04/07/02 158.05USD
04/09/08 91USD
04/12/19 60USD
04/12/28 247.50USD boxed, sleeve #16412
* 02/06/30 132EUR box
04/07/16 39.50EUR
04/12/01 44.49EUR
04/12/11 53EUR boxed
05/01/08 46USD #20867
05/07/11 77.67USD
06/10/31 142.46USD (metric, German instructions)
06/12/28 42.16EUR (metric,box)
07/04/29 63EUR
08/02/01 37.06EUR (boxed set with two extra battery units)
Comment German power supply unit with 2 pins for wall socket


Last Updated on 3rd February 2008