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The Petie has a 25mm f9 fixed-focus lens. Objects are in focus from about 90cm (3feet) to infinity, but maximum sharpness starts at about 2.4m (8 feet). It has a single shutter speed of 1/50.  The original model (1955) came with a meniscus lens which was later updated to an achromatic lens (labelled Achromat Roschlein Kreuznach on the name plate). It was available in grey or black with chrome or gold tone trim.   Later Kunik models were based on the original camera, until the Petitux IV which is a version of the Kalos Special. It originally sold for 14,70DEM (about 3.75USD at the time).

Accessories included

The name plate is silver or black. There are two versions of ever ready case, one clipping shut at the top and one clipping shut at the side.

Model Petie
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Lens fixed
Shutter fixed (1/50)
Aperture fixed
Film Door lock  
Dimensions   mm (width x height x depth)
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/07/08 37GBP (box), 2002/08/01 50GBP (box), 2002/08/11 50.50EUR, 2002/09/26 71USD, 2002/09/29 75USD, 2002/10/26 58EUR, *2002/10/27 45.50EUR (case), 2002/11/09 56EUR (box), 2002/11/13 30GBP, 2002/11/21 50.49EUR, *2002/11/27 53EUR, 2002/12/12 57.53EUR, 2003/03/13 21GBP, 2003/05/15 32.80GBP, 2003/06/13 44.30GBP (case), 2003/08/04 49GBP, 2004/02/10 26.50GBP (case), 2004/05/02 23.06EUR, 2004/09/13 22GBP, 2004/10/03 31.50GBP, 2005/01/09 32.77GBP (black name plate), 2005/01/28 25.99EUR, 2005/02/13 32.25EUR (black name plate), 2005/03/23 27.55EUR, 2005/03/28 52.56GBP (box, instructions), 2005/04/24 17GBP, 2005/05/01 16GBP (black name plate), 2005/08/16 14.62EUR (side buttoning case), 2005/08/19 18.50GBP, 2005/09/15 19.99GBP, 2005/10/16 14.99GBP, 2005/10/30 11GBP, 2005/12/09 40.51EUR (blue box), 2005/12/15 15.01GBP, 2006/01/15 18.38USD, 2006/01/29 40.50EUR (case), 2006/04/15 14.99GBP (Tuxi film), 2006/04/24 34USD, 2006/06/19 11.50GBP, 2006/07/03 26.25USD, 2006/11/12 13GBP, 2007/01/21 17.10EUR (case), 2007/01/24 19.50EUR, 2007/03/03 12.50GBP (case), 2007/07/05 34.98EUR (box), 2007/08/07 20GBP, 2009/06/4 17GBP

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