Mickey Mouse

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(1958) Similar to the Ompex with 20mm (f9.0) lens, 1/50 shutter but with "Walt Disney -- Mickey Mouse Camera" on the lens nameplate.  These where sold with a large cardboard Micky Mouse that 'held' the camera. The camera was heavily advertised in the German Mickey Mouse Magazine in 1958 with many storied in the editors' pages telling about the MM-Club members saving and collecting money to to buy a Mickey Mouse camera. There was even a photographic contest. The short production run was possibly due to them not being sanctioned by the Disney Corporation or lack of sales lead to Kunic cancelling the deal with Disney.

Finish/colour chrome, red leatherette
Lens fixed 25mm
Shutter fixed (1/50)
Aperture fixed f9
Film Door lock  
Dimensions   mm (width x height x depth)
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2005/03/22 128.58EUR, 2005/04/23 121EUR, 2005/06/19 155GBP, 2005/09/25 129GBP, 2006/02/17 105EUR, 2006/05/17 78EUR (case), 2007/03/25 212.50USD, 2007/03/25 213.50USD

Ebay red/Petie 2007/12/16 130.99EUR

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