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(1959) - 25mm (f7.7-16) B and M (1/50 -German Moment for instant) The Tuximat was the most advanced model in the Tuxi range with a tiny selenium meter and a flash synchronization socket and holds the distinction of being the the smallest 16mm camera with a built-in selenium meter.

The simple meter readout display is on the on the top of the camera with three film speeds settings (40, 100, and 200) with the needle pointing to a white, a yellow or a green area.  The aperture settings are marked as yellow (f16) or green (f7.7) and you select a setting based on where the needle points.  The white areas indicate under-/over- exposure. 

Accessories included

Model Tuximat
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Lens fixed
Shutter fixed (1/50)
Aperture fixed
Film Door lock  
Dimensions   mm (width x height x depth)
Purchased 2004/05/31
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 33.39EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/11/21 82EUR, 2003/03/12 77EUR (with Petie), 2003/07/13 204/50EUR (case),  *2003/08/04 53EUR (broken glass), 2003/11/16 103EUR, 2004/03/12 58.53EUR, 2004/03/31 81EUR (case), 2004/04/04 332USD, 2004/04/25 367.99USD, 2004/05/24 89.80EUR, *2004/05/31 33.39EUR, 2004/07/04 112.90EUR, 2004/08/01 55USD (broken glass), 2004/09/26 401USD, 2004/09/27 124.53EUR, 2004/11/07 33.88EUR,  2004/11/07 33.88EUR, 2004/12/19 250USD, 2005/01/14 99USD, 2005/04/17 88USD (broken glass). 2005/06/19 114.78EUR, 2005/09/18 54EUR (with Tuxi), 2005/09/24 82EUR (case), 2005/09/25 104GBP (case, working meter), 2006/02/05 177.12EUR (case, papers, missing glass, non-working meter), 2006/03/25 150EUR+commission, 2006/09/30 160EUR+commission, 2007/12/16 100EUR (case), 2008/01/05 150USD (non-working meter)

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