Minolta 16 MG - Chrome (small box)

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The long narrow box is less often seen than the larger box. Low serial number cameras have a clasp with a shell pattern. Later serial numbered cameras come in a box with a lift over spring clip. There is no space in the box for cases. Cases where sold separately as a set (camera, flash unit and filters).

Model 16MG
Serial # 125454
Finish/colour chrome - matt aluminium 
Box yes
Instructions English
Purchased 2002/02/25
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 50USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
* 2002/02/25 50USD
2002/07/27 20.49USD
* 2002/10/23 30USD
2004/03/11 12.50GBP
2005/02/27 36USD
*2005/08/19 47.61USD (box, cases in box)


The early clasp for the long narrow box is a shell pattern. The later version has a rising clasp.


Last Updated on 20th August 2005