Minolta 16 MG - Chrome (late)

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The more common box format has space for the cases as well as the flash, filters and camera. The presentation kit with original outer cardboard box is less common but does not seem to demand any premium.  The picture box version (with a photograph on the cover) was sold towards the end of the production.

Model 16MG
Serial # 354558
Finish/colour chrome - matt aluminium 
Box yes
Instructions English
Purchased 2001/09/20
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 80EUR
Current Value Ebay
* 2001/09/20 80USD
2002/02/26 59.95USD
2002/03/06 22.50USD
2002/03/29 55USD
2004/01/03 34.69USD
2004/11/02 33.65EUR
2006/02/03 10.49USD
2006/04/10 16.60USD
Auction Price  
Comment flash has a cross hatch pattern, not smooth like the earlier version. the box is has a photograph cover like the later MG-s and QT cameras.


Last Updated on 11th April 2006