Minolta 16 MG - Gold

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Unlike the gold of the Minolta 16 I and 16II cameras the gold of the Minolta 16 MG is a mirror finish. Although the box indicates that there are two filters none of the those seen for sale listed below had gold plated filters, only standard chromes ones, if present.

As with most chrome version with serial numbers in the 300000s the light meter was not working. This was repaired using a donor camera.

This is possibly the best looking of all the Minolta subminiature camera.  The black case has a black lettering on gold Minolta logo on the flap. The chain and flash unit are finished in gold.

Model Minolta 16 MG
Serial # 340449, box has hand written 340306
Finish/colour gold
Purchased 2001/08/11
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 150USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
2001/03/21 202.50USD set, no filters
* 2001/08/11 282.77USD kit no filters
2002/06/12 53.17USD no filters, picture box
2002/10/14 53USD no filters
2003/10/20 113.50USD no filters
2004/03/01 74.99USD kit
2004/04/02 114.01USD (#341624)
2004/05/13 77USD box, no flash
2004/07/23 70USD
2004/11/02 106EUR
2005/01/02 150USD kit
2005/02/16 127.50USD kit
2005/07/20 51USD
2005/08/13 43.61USD (camera only)
2005/12/18 102EUR (with flash and chain)
2005/12/19 250USD (with flash, chain, case)
2006/01/24 34.33USD (with flash, chain, case, box)
2006/03/25 140EUR+commission (with flash, chain, case)
2006/04/02 56USD (flash, filters, box)
2007/10/29 70USD (flash, box)
2008/02/25 27.68USD (flash)
2008/03/10 51USD (box, flash)

Last Updated on 17th April 2008