Kiev Speccam Detective Camera

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The version shown here is a modified 303, gold plated and leather bound case made to resemble a note book, complete with pages and a pen to write notes with. The pen holder opens up the camera ready to shoot and the shutter release is under the note book pages. You can't set shutter speed, aperture or focus without removing the casing. The casing is fastened by a single screw.

There are reports of another version, based upon the Kiev 30,  with gold plated cover housing a lipstick case and mascara holder in an art deco case with handle.

Dating from the late 1980's the basic Kiev 303 has a  23mm (f3.5-11) lens, 1/30-1/250 and 13x17mm format.

Model Kiev Speccam
Serial #  
Purchased 2006/11/18
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 175GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price  
Comment This camera was previously sold by Christies for 190GBP


Shown below the Speccam next to the 303. The craftsman who created the new housing for the 303 has retained the shutter speed and aperture dial and lettering, cutting off the top of the end of the original camera to make a flush fit into the new housing.

Last Updated on 27th November 2006