Kiev Vega (model b)

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This 1961 version is a modified Vega model.  The noticeable distinction between the early Vega 1 and the later ones is in the pattern on the shell.  The Vega 1 A, like 02690 and 141352 have three increasingly longer lines over a dot type pattern. The later ones, like 79829 and 107163 have two sets of close parallel lines with Bera across the top. there appears to be an over lapping of numbers. However 02690 and 141352 have a smooth film chamber door and a swirling circles pattern on the exposed part of the bottom when open. The Vega 1 B has rows of dots on the film chamber door and the swirling pattern is of over lapping quarters. the finish on the Vega 1A is brighter, more polished than on the 1B


At least one sources claims that the Vega 1 A has a 25mm lens, but No 00006 is identical to 02690 which has a 23mm lens and documents dated 1960 so this seems unlikely.

Model Kiev Vega 1b  
Serial # 79829 107163
Finish/colour fine parallel lines with Bera engraved on the top
Date of Manufacture    
Current Value    
Auction Price Ebay *2002/02/27 30USD, 2002/03/09 30USD (box), *2002/03/06 37.25USD, 2002/05/08 41GBP, 2002/06/21 31USD (box), 2002/06/13 23GBP, 2002/11/26 45.44USD, 2003/08/26 12USD (box), 2004/08/03 4.99GBP, 2005/09/06 16USD, 2005/09/18 18USD (box)




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