Kiev 30

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The Kiev 30 enjoyed a long production run, 1974 to1983. The same 23mm f3.5 lens with identical aperture and shutter settings as on the previous models (f3.5-11; 1/30-1/200). The radical change this time is the film format in switching to unperforated film and allowing an image of 13x17mm. This reduced the 30 exposures of the Vega 2 to 25. The Minolta MG-s/QT, which have a slightly smaller image (12x17mm), only allowed for 18 exposures. The exposure calculator, which was on the the top of the Vega 2 is now on the back. Finished in black with gold lettering.

Approximately one million Kiev 30 cameras were manufactured making it one of the easiest subminiature cameras to find today.

Earlier versions have a patterned black surround to the shutter release [e.g. 7514913] and can be seen in a comparison photography [compared].

The negative size of 13x17mm results in many sellers insisting it is a 110 camera, it isn't.


Model Kiev 30
Serial # 7514913 7917713 8069626
Finish/colour black
Case hard, light brown
Purchased   2002/03/10  
Date of Manufacture      
Cost   28USD  
Current Value      
Auction Price Ebay 2001/12/31 50USD (40+303 red), *2002/02/20 12USD, *2002/02/22 19.99USD, 2002/02/24 77.90EUR, 2002/0/310 25USD, *2002/03/10 28USD (box), 2003/08/26 6USD, 2003/11/18 10USD, 2004/07/27 11GBP



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