Rubina Sixteen Model II

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Rubix cameras were made by Sugaya Optical Works in Japan. The cameras are better made than most of the post war Japanese subminiature production and shaped like a  tiny Leica. The  Rubina Sixteen and Rubix III could use either 17.5mm roll film (like the various "HIT" style cameras) or 16mm film in cassettes.

The Rubina is shaped like the original Rubix with the film winder on the right, but had the features of the Rubix 16. The lens is marked "RUBY  ANASTIGMAT 1:3.5 F=25mm" and has the same shutter speeds, aperture and focusing as the Rubix 16.  The shutter release is on the lens (like the Rubix 16) but it has an accessory shoe like the Rubix Deluxe. The camera is marked "Made Mycro Camera Co. Inc NY", "Made in Occupied Japan"  and may have been an export model. It is also stamped "RUBINA Sixteen Model II " on the top.

The camera accepts 16mm in cassettes and 17.5mm roll film and in either case produced 10x14mm images. The film counter is to 30.

The base has a tripod socket. The front plate is engraved "RUBINA".

See "Spy Camera" page 65 Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny.

Model Rubina Sixteen Model II
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Lens HOPE ANASTIGMAT 1:3.5 F=25mm, 2ft to infinity
Shutter B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100
Aperture f3.5-f16
Film Door lock sliding bar
Dimensions 65x39x43mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 138g
Purchased 2005/01/06
Date of Manufacture 1951
Cost 246.50USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/09/05 214.02USD, 2002/09/16 248.05USD, 2003/09/08 209.50USD, 2004/03/22 257USD, 2004/04/18 262USD, 2004/07/28 105.51USD and 3 weeks later the same camera 2004/08/14 132GBP (243.29USD), 2004/11/24 326.60USD , *2005/01/06 246.50USD, 2005/12/31 162.50USD (case), 2006/02/25 268.50USD, 2006/03/23 167.50USD, 2006/07/24 177.50USD (case, red box), 2007/04/18 141.18USD

Ebay 2003/06/27 26USD

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