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This section is for the Large format cameras and includes Aiglon, Baby, Compass, Demon, Eljy Lumiere, Ensign Midget, F21, Fotonesa, Guzzi, Junka, Kombi,  Nova/Tex,  Photolet, Sida,  Ulca, Univex-OO.

The cameras in this section include the strange looking Aiglon from France and it's cousin the Eljy Lumière, the surprising compact Boltax film cameras, the compact and pretty Ensign Midget, the Russian spy camera the F21which uses cut down 35mm film, the elegant and complete system in a tiny folding design of the Compass 35, the die cast cameras of the ULCA, Photolet, Nova/Tex and Sida and the Univex bakelite and folding cameras using OO film.

These have been termed "Large format Subminiatures" by Jerry Friedman in a series of articles in Camera Shopper and refers to cameras that use the larger format to reduce the manufacturing costs yet retain the design principle of having a camera that is small enough to be carried at all times.

Also included in this section are the miscellaneous formats of the Expo/Ticka, Frica (9.5mm), the Pocket Presto and the tiny Warsavie ring cameras.


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The Collection

The list contains details of the cameras and accessories, including cases, manuals, boxes and an estimate of the current price for the item, and further information. There are also photographs with views top, bottom, front, back of each item. Additional image pops up in a separate window, which is then reused when the next link is selected.


Although some subminiature cameras are not too difficult to find they are often without manuals. Here are links to manuals posted on other sites as well as those available here. Some are photocopies, but the majority are high resolution full colour scans.


The History of Kodak Roll Film Numbers is give at and the negative area, spool length and diameter are give at


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