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In 1937 Steward patented  a pistol shaped device which he introduced on the market the following years as the Erac Automatic Pistol Camera. The Erac Selling Company of London was infact based in Southend-on-Sea. This is a simple bakelite box in the shape of a snub-nosed pistol. The two halves of the case are held together with a single large screw. The large trigger-ratchet mechanism, fired the shutter and also advanced the film; when it worked.

The box declared "ERAC - The camera which is always ready, the only real snapshot camera in the world, no film winding, just pull the trigger, the camera does the rest."

Model Erac Automatic Pistol Camera
Serial #  
Finish/colour black
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2003/02/25 325GBP, 2005/05/22 310GBP, 2003/08/10 99GBP, 2003/11/11 256.09USD, 2004/09/27 245.99USD, 2005/11/06 205.20GBP, 2005/12/27 164GBP (shutter not working), 2006/03/25 450EUR, 2006/11/16 311.01USD (instructions, box Mercury)

Last Updated on 16th November 2006