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Ani-Mato: History of Sub 35mm Film and Camera Formats - Covers a broad history of various formats, some of which are direct relatives and inspirations for the Minox format. Specifically dealing with movie films.

CIA: Minox Camera - From the CIA's own artifacts, a Minox B with wrist strap and acknowledgement of its clandestine use.

The Classic Camera Minox - Technical and historical info; descriptions and photos of Minox accessories.

1st German Minox-Club  1. Deutschen MINOX-Club links to original material and photographs. The club issue a magazine and back issues are available for 1.25EUR, 2.5EUR for double issues and 5EUR for quad issues (exclusively for members) plus postage. Only the 98/02 edition is available in English.

 Fox Talbot: The Project has prepared and is now refining a comprehensive edition of the letters to and from Talbot (1800-1877), the Wiltshire polymath best known for his invention of photography. Nearly 10,000 draft transcriptions are now available on-line. http://www.foxtalbot.arts.gla.ac.uk/

h2g2 : Minox Spy Cameras - What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has to say on the topic.

Kamera Museum has a large selection of links at http://www.kameramuseum.net/dkm-index.html  a very good place to start browsing and seeing where they lead.

Latvian Museum of Photography: Minox Exhibit - One large photograph and label of a collection of antique Minox equipment.

LBNL Image Library: Dedication of the LBJ Presidential Library - Dedication of the LBJ Presidential Library and the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas

LBNL Image Library: Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev - Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev speaking at Georgian Hall in the Kremlin taken with a Minox.

Marvelous Minoxes - A comprehensive guide to Minox 8x11 models, accessories and resources.

Minox Madness - A chronology of the cameras development, cleaning tips, photos, and detail photos of a Model II enlarger.

Minox Servicing and Repairs - Average costs, and contact information.
The Minox Historical Society  was found as a direct result from discussion on the Submini-List concerning the viability of Minox re-publishing user handbooks for all Minox cameras as an additional form of revenue. The proposed scanning of all available material was abandoned in January 2001 and subsequent discussion resulted in the founding of the MHS in April 2001. 

Pentax 110 : http://www.pentax110.co.uk/ is an unofficial site, based on web research and a growing collection and has no connections with with the Asahi Optical Company or Pentax.  steve@pentax110.co.uk.

Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain (PCCGB)

The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain was formed in 1977 when a group of collectors met together and decided that they wanted to meet regularly as part of a formal Club. The Photographic Collectors’ Club of Great Britain became a company limited by guarantee in October 2003 under the name of The Photographic Collectors’ Club International Ltd.

From those early beginnings the Club has grown into to around 1500 members located across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. The Club imposes no restrictions on membership. The overwhelming majority of members are collectors but the Club also includes those who are involved in photographic history professionally including museum curators, dealers, publishers and practising photographers.

Repairing the Minox B - Six scanned pages of a technical walk-through for disassembling, servicing, and reassembling the Minox B. (ftp)

Small Battery Company for replacement and equivalent batteries. Also check out 7dayshop.com for price comparisons.

Subminiature Club is at http://www.subclub.org/. This is the web's primary source of information on all subminiature cameras - cameras with a frame format smaller than APS including half frame, 16mm and Minox formats but excluding stereo cameras. Some links fail. Pages are not updated very often - they don't need to be. Submissions do not appear and photographs of the cameras are often too small to get sufficient detail. The swap meet has been moved to the more modern approach of the Yahoo Groups. The site is sponsored by a number of sellers of Minox and other subminiature cameras but the site is independent off them. Set up by Joe McGloin as a collaborative forum with help from other shutterbugs. Joe has his own web site and runs Goathill supplying film to subminiature camera users.

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