Minox Merchandising - Walter Zapp Die Minox ist mein Leben

The DVD was manufactured by OPUS media Bild and Ton GmbH and included both the German and American voice over version of the interview with Walter Zapp. There is also a short film on the Minox factory and products and Walter Zapp's return visit to Riga. All films are PAL but the DVD is region zero and should play an any DVD player including those for NTSC in North America and Japan. Some NTSC players will only play Region 1 discs and some television sets can not view a PAL 50Hz signal correctly.

OPUS media Bild & Ton GmbH
Große Spillingsgasse 4-8
60385 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 069 / 95 63 68-0
Fax: 069 / 95 63 68-29


The original video was supplied with the Minox CLX in German (PAL), English voice over (PAL and NTSC). The video was not offered separately by Minox and the copy in English was kindly sent to me by  Leica Bei Meister from whom we had purchased the entire available range of Minox cameras and accessories and a large number of quality second user cameras and accessories in November 2000.

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