Minox Leica 1f - Minox 8x11 Classic Collection

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( August 2000- 2004) 75x41x38mm, 93g

After rousing a great deal of interest among collectors and admirers of mechanical precision with the two classic cameras Leica IIIf and Leica M3, MINOX is presented another legendary product from this series: the Classic Camera Leica If. Third of the Minox OEM Classic Collection camera, a faithful 1:3 reproduction of a Leica 1If Nr. IM0209 has a MINOCTAR f/5.6 15mm (3 Element in 3 Groups) lens with focal range of 1.2m to . The shutter speed is fixed at a fast 1/250th.

This classic camera from Leica was first presented in 1951 and its production continued until 1956. The Leica I f is a simplified version of the Leica II f, which does without long exposure times and has no viewfinder or rangefinder. The first edition in 1951 produced a total of 2200 cameras and between 1952 and 1956 a further 1300 were made.

The Minox Leica If uses the legendary MINOX miniature 8 x 11 mm film, just like its predecessors. The top quality Minoctar lens 1:5.6/15 mm with three lens elements in three groups guarantees the very best imaging results. A further highlight of this miniaturized classic camera is the attachable 15 mm viewfinder. Furthermore, there is a flash unit available as an accessory item, making it possible to capture excellent shots even in unfavourable light.

Matching accessories perfectly complement this new product, including a hand-stitched ever-ready case, a neck strap and a lens cover.

Technical Data MINOX Classic Camera Leica I f:


In good light with, a fast film these are capable of excellent pictures. Prices are high and range of use is limited. 


03/06/14 139EUR
03/06/15 139EUR
03/06/18 139EUR
03/06/19 111GBP
03/06/22 113GBP
03/06/24 139EUR
03/06/26 139EUR
03/07/02 149EUR
03/07/03 149EUR
03/08/08 200EUR
03/11/23 139EUR
03/12/01 139EUR
04/02/21 132.50GBP
04/02/21 160EUR
04/03/02 142.01EUR
04/03/07 159EUR
04/03/12 129.01EUR
04/06/22 182EUR
04/07/02 112.11EUR
04/07/13 131.50EUR
04/08/04 92GBP
05/05/24 80.97EUR
05/07/10 84.99EUR
05/08/31 141.50USD
05/09/02 256.55EUR
06/04/27 182.50USD
06/05/21 106.22EUR
06/05/26 202.50USD
06/06/14 62GBP
06/06/18 102GBP
06/07/03 157.50USD
06/08/14 180USD (box)
06/11/23 137.50USD

Last Updated on 23rd November 2006