BL - Minox 8x11 chrome (metric)

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Model Minox BL, metric
Serial # 1209344
Finish/colour chrome / brushed aluminium
Case black leather ever ready case
Box black metal clam shell with blue velvet tray
Instructions English
Accessories C4 flash unit and black case
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price see BL

The original camera (s/n 1205528), purchased 18th August 1973 was converted from imperial to metric by Minox, in Germany. It was replaced, following numerous attempts to repair it, and that one in turn replaced by 1209344 in 1975. The original outer wrapper was not kept. Few cameras still have a battery pull in place and undamaged. These are normally brittle and if now pull will break up in several pieces.

Last Updated on 12th October 2005