AX gold II - the last all mechanical Minox 8x11

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Finish Focus Engraving
chrome Metric, 
Imperial (Feet. inch)
MINOX .AX. limited edition
black Minox Eye / MINOX AX
gold MINOX ..AX..
gold II Walter Zapp signature

Sample wanted

Model Minox AX Gold II 50th Anniversary Edition of Minox GmBH
Serial # AX-II-034
Finish/colour gold
Case burgundy leather Minox A/B style case
Box polished mahogany
Accessories Gold chain
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price 02/08/08 1361EUR #010/250
04/12/19 1232.11GBP #121/250
05/04/12 1000GBP #?/250
Comment Engraved AX, 1945-1995 Walter Zapp's signature and serial number

Cloth is labelled in gold "50 Jahre MINOX Made in Germany 1945-1995"

Last Updated on 21st July 2004