AX gold - the last all mechanical Minox 8x11

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Finish Focus Engraving
chrome Metric, 
Imperial (Feet. inch)
MINOX .AX. limited edition
black Minox Eye / MINOX AX
gold MINOX ..AX..
gold II Walter Zapp signature

Model AX
Serial # I-211
Finish/colour gold
Case black leather with gold ring to allow the chain to be attached to the camera
Minox A/B style case
Box polished mahogany with a velvet covered plastic camera tray. The inside of the top of the box is black with "Minox AX Gold" in gold, but is not padded and the camera rattles around inside.

Stylist white cardboard box is not strong enough to take the weight of the wooden presentation box and will break at the edges.

Instructions German, English
Accessories Gold chain
Purchased 01/02/09
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 4300DEM
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay * 01/02/09 4300DEM (I-211)
02/11/05 1760USD I-100
03/10/04 1316.06EUR
04/07/01 1000GBP  I-070 (1994)
Westlicht 2002/11/15 1800EUR (I-226)
06/11/12 1121.12EUR (I-164)
08/01/10 1201.02EUR (119)

Last Updated on 11th January 2008