Minox 8x11 - tripod attachment

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The 70s style, roughly at the time of the introduction of the Minox C has a photograph of the tripod attachment on the top of the bright blue box.

Model 1/4" tripod attachment
Finish/colour brushed aluminium inside padded with black plastic, place knurled knob
Case bright blue with photograph of the tripod attachment on the top
Purchased 03/12/07 13.39EUR
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 13.39EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
02/08/05 15.01EUR
03/11/23 20USD
*03/12/07 13.39EUR
03/12/16 9.50EUR
04/02/04 18.50EUR
04/02/11 19.01GBP
05/01/05 19EUR box
05/02/23 11.50EUR box
05/11/01 18GBP
06/04/16 11.10USD box
06/06/14 15.50GBP box
07/05/06 54.87USD box (with 60s versions long and short arm)


Last Updated on 16th May 2007