Minox 8x11 - tripod attachment - 3/8" socket - locking

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The first post war tripod attachments have a smaller tripod bush, still 3/8" and are made of aluminium. The cradle was increased in size a little to provide extra support and the arm now has a cross bar that extends in front of the camera and gives a counter point for the pressure put on the release button by the cable release.  It was not until the mid-50s that the locking device was added. This is a knurled screw that uses the camera's chain socket to fix to the camera. The camera can now be used in any position to take the photograph.

Model 3/8" tripod bush with locking knurl thumb wheel
Finish/colour brushed aluminium inside padded with black plastic
Purchased with 3/8" tripod
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Last Updated on 25th October 2005