Minox 8x11 - Microfiche readers - M1 Portable Lesegerät

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The M1 portable microfiche reader (type 33601) was also sold to the German military. Introduced in 1984 it can be carried like an attaché case with the mains power supply unit in a pouch strapped onto he outside of the case. It is 330 x 290 x 125 mm opening to 300 x 290 x 210 mm and weights 4Kg. It takes standard batteries to work without mains or can run off 12 and 24 volt supplies. The mains transformer is for 110 V and 220V.

Sold in 2001/2002 as army surplus the prices for the Mikroplan (Ebay *2001/03/30 136DEM, 2001/10/21 130DEM) and M1 (Ebay *2001/04/14 130DEM) have been low. Whether for viewing Minox negatives or for using in libraries, where access to Microfiche readers may be limited, the M1 comes into it's own.

Ebay 2006/03/19 26.74EUR, 2007/12/15 15.51EUR, 2007/12/19 15.51EUR, 2007/12/30 22.13EUR

Last Updated on 3rd January 2008