Minox 8x11 - Flash cube units FL4

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FL4 samples : 1 black | 2 black | 3 black | 4 chrome | 5 chrome 90s | 6 chrome 90s

The Minox LX was launched at Photokina in 1978. The C4 also got a make-over and became the FL4. The shoe is slightly larger, made of plastic and has a release clip which engages the PC socket on the LX camera. It will also work with previous Minox cameras.

Black anodized versions of the FL4 was also made. A gold plated version of the FL4 was made for the LX Gold Selection.

chrome version
*02/06/24 10EUR
02/07/31 25EUR
03/11/26 10.49USD
02/10/20 5EUR 90s

black version
02/04/25 26USD
02/05/18 1.50EUR box
* 02/08/07 24.95USD
04/02/11 1.04GBP case
04/02/25 26USD blue box
06/02/14 34USD case


Last Updated on 14th February 2006