Minox 8x11 - B-C flash gun - Fan Fold- USA

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B-C Fan samples : #6391 | #7487 | #12766 | B shield | accessory shoe adapter

Minox introduced the Minox A with flash nipple PC socket in 1954 but where very slow in making any flash unit for the camera. With Minox GmbH support Minox USA marketed a bulb unit in 1955. The B-C flash unit has a large folding reflector and uses an AA size mercury battery.

When the Minox B was sold a small plate was made to protect the button on the meter from being activated.

A bakelite accessory shoe was sold for the B-C fan flash and the electronic fan flash.

* 02/01/05 110.96EUR
* 02/04/01 53USD
02/07/15 105.50USD box
*02/07/16 103USD
02/09/14 58.75USD
02/11/26 99GBP
03/06/27 44.56USD
06/03/14 80USD
08/02/04 89.88USD
08/07/30 51USD (case)


Last Updated on 28th September 2008