Minox 8x11 - B-C flash gun for AG1 flash bulbs - Model B

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Minox first sold a flash unit in 1961. B-C flashgun matches the shape and style of the camera. It fits directly to the flash nipple the unit requires no synchronization cable. The small fan reflector slides out of the back of the unit and when retracted the used bulb is ejected.

From the beginning there were three versions of the B-C flash gun. A short shoe version for the Minox A, a long shoe with cut out for the Minox B's meter and a cold shoe version, Model U (universal) with synchronization cable to work with any camera with an accessory shoe.

On the first models the slot for the flash bulb was parallel to the reflector. After a year it was changed to a perpendicular position which better used the parabolic reflector. A black version was introduced for the black Minox A and B cameras.  

chrome version
01/04/19 20USD 60s box
01/08/27 24DEM
01/09/01 24USD green case, 60s
01/09/10 43USD
02/08/05 23.28USD
03/11/19 24.97USD
03/11/23 18.50USD
03/11/24 13.49USD
04/10/23 24EUR green case
04/12/18 30USD tan case
05/07/28 21.50USD 50s
05/11/04 10.49USD
06/03/31 20USD case
08/01/16 19USD tan case

black version
01/11/14 145DEM box
02/04/24 52.75USD
02/10/18 29.50EUR 60s
03/05/06 45USD
03/11/23 32USD
04/04/08 30GBP
05/02/09 52.11GBP
02/02/09 42.51USD red case, 50s

Last Updated on 16th January 2008