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The focus of is state of the art technologies for developing black and white films - for all sizes of film and especially for miniature, subminiature and ultraminiature photography. The name 8x11 refers to the size of the legendary Minox cameras frame: 8mm x 11mm.

The company was founded by Marcus-Michael Dunkmann in partnership with SPUR - Schain & Partners to offer a range of films in Minox format along with high quality developers.

In a joint venture with Jobo and Minox, designed a reel for Minox film. This under went extensive testing and trials with a number of novice users with great success. The 8x11 Jobo reel replaces the Minox produced bakelite daylight developing tank, which ceased production in 2002.

8x11film also supply photographic paper, developers, 35mm and 120 film and the full range of Minox products.

Copex & Spur Nanospeed

Imagelink & Spur Imagespeed

Ilford Delta 100

Kodak Tmax  400

8x11 Slide Film


Spur HRX

Spur SLD

8x11film Developing Reel


Minocolor Vario Pro

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