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Morris Moses, Spycamera: The Minox Story, 1990 (194 pages), 1998 (224 pages) - Moses tells the story of Walter Zapp and his vision of a high-quality, very small pocket camera that would be carried at all times. From pre-war production in Latvia, the post-war move to Germany, Walter Zapp leaving Minox to the present day the history of Minox and all models are described in considerable detail.  The cameras' use in covert activities, and reproductions of pictures taken with the Minox, often filmed surreptitiously, and sometimes illegally are included.  

The second edition updated the first with the majority of the additions and updates done by Wade as Moses was unwell during the revision of his book.  Spycamera, in both 1st and 2nd editions, is one of the best sources for the history of the camera and its development, while Heckmann's book is the best source for the technical history and detailed study of the Minox itself, though both overlap are really complimentary.

1st Edition

2nd Edition

Moses' book, especially the second edition, has a few errors. The photograph on page 89 is a backwards printed black C model. It is a flopped negative and is repeated, on page 95, in the 2nd edition. A similar error appears in the final "Stop the Press" section of edition 2, page 223, where a Minox CLX is also printed from a reversed negative. These are publishing errors. More glaringly, the Second Edition has a factual error in confusing, as one, the two LX Gold releases. The First Edition has an accurate description of the 1987 Minox Selection (of 999) on page 95 and a colour photograph of it after page 84. In the 2nd edition, this photograph  is replaced by colour photos of a newer and much more exclusive camera called the LX Gold I, along with the AX Gold II, both being issued in 1995 with 250 of each made. The description of the Minox Selection LX camera appears in the same text section of the 1st edition, but now on page 101 in edition 2. In Chapter 15, a new 2nd edition section, on page 185, describes the same Selection camera under the "LX Gold" heading, with no mention at all of the 1995 camera that actually IS the LX Gold I, and of which he now included several beautiful colour photos. 29.95GBP. The first edition appears on auction and you can expect to pay over $50.

Taken from a review by Michael J. Vorrasi


Chapter 1: Walter Zapp and the beginnings

Chapter 2: The V.E.F. era

Chapter 3: The War years

Chapter 4: Early postwar period

Chapter 5: The 1950's -- Influence of Donald O. Thayer Snr.

Chapter 6: The Growth era -- Late 1950's to mid 1970's

Chapter 7: The Latter years -- 1974 to present

Chapter 8: Spy camera


Chapter 9: The 9.5mm cameras

Chapter 10: Minox 9.5mm film packaging

Chapter 11: Minox 9.5mm accessories

Chapter 12: Film processing, enlarging and projection equipment

Chapter 13: 110 format Minox cameras

Chapter 14: 35mm Minox cameras

Chapter 15: Advertising and promotional items

Chapter 16: Minox microform and related equipment

Appendix 1: Minox serial numbers

Appendix 2: Patents relating to Minox



A quick summary of the differences between the first and second editions:

Part I

Chapter 7: The Later Years - 1974 to Present: Present is around 1997.

Part II

Chapter 9: Minox AX and TLX is covered

Chapter 11: Current Minox Accessories and films

Chapter 12: Minox laser pointer

Chapter 14: Minox 35 mm cameras up to date

Chapter 15: Minox special editions; New chapter about special collector cameras -- Gold, platinum, silver

Chapter 16: Monoculars and Binoculars; New

Serial section is extended

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