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Minox 8x11, The Japanese Minox Club, April 2002 by Masaharu Saito - Yokohama, Japan. This is the latest book on Minox cameras. 21cmx14.7cm, slightly smaller than A5 is packed with information, often in easy to read and understand table format. This is important as the text is Japanese with just enough Latin text to be able to follow the purpose of the charts, even if not fully appreciating the detailed research that has resulted in this beautifully produced book. The accompanying photographs are too small and the reproduction is not up to Moses and Heckmann, but this does not detract from appreciating them.

All the variations in cameras and most of the accessories are compared with close up thumbnail pictures side by side. For the first time Minox cameras are compared to their contemporaries and in format, features and even by results with the same image taken with a Mamiya, Steineck, Petal and Bosley 8 and Minox B. 

One chart shows positives taken from several 8x11 cameras showing the unique markings to distinguish a BL from a C or TLX. 

Tips including cleaning dust from the film path using a post-it note. 

Chapter 5 is about DIY and shows some of the interesting accessories people have made. A Stereo attachment for a B, pocket macro focus kits of 3x to 7x, making a mask for telephoto lens used with the standard Minox binocular attachment, macro kits for the EC.

Chapter 8 covers extensively repairs on different Minox cameras including replacing the shutter blades.

The book is available from the author for international posting of only 3960Yen (about 33USD). Visit the Japanese Minox Club web site at  http://www.minox.jp/ .

New Edition December 2004, change in format (portrait, not landscape) and some re-arrangement of text.

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