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Released in 2001 this is a Minox publication in German and English with German at the front of the book. 128 pages hardback written by Verlag Rudolf Hillebrand

The inside title page states "Classic Camera Collection" GŁnther Kadlubek and covers as much about Leica history as the back ground to the Classic Camera Collection and Minox history. It is available direct from Minox and can be ordered from their web site at http://www.minox.de

The book is laid out in three parts. The first is a short history of Minox the company (18 pages). The second part is about the history of Leica (19 pages). The final part is the development and features of the Classic Camera Collection (16 pages).

The book is inexpensive and has some nice photographs. It tells Leica collectors about Minox and Minox collectors about Leica. Unfortunately it adds little if anything to the books on Minox of Heckmann, Moses and Young. What is unforgivable is that there is no reference to the more extensive Sharan range of Classic Miniatures or how the developments have been shared leaving the collaboration to:-

"Because this high-grade technology and precision mechanism can no longer be produced in Germany at this price, MINOX has found a manufacturer of precision instruments in Japan, who now manufactures these cameras to MINOX quality specifications."


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