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At the Photokina of 1988 Minox launched their first autofocus camera, the AF Autofocus. At 107.5x68x41 mm ( 4.25 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches) the Minox AF is slightly larger than the non-autofocus Minox cameras and resembles the angular shape of the 35ML. If offered autoload as well as autofocus but film transport is manual.

The autofocus is a four-zone system, activated by an infra-red beam with a four degree angle measuring width with close focus down to 70cm (27.5").

Unlike previous Minox 35mm camera the 32mm f/3.5 lens is recessed into the body and has no protective covering flap. The lens is a four-element Minoxar with integrated skylight filter.

The automatic exposure covers shutter speed and aperture from 1/30 second at f/3.5 to 1/500 second at f/11 governed by a CdS cell and powered by twin CR 1/3N batteries. There is a low light level lock preventing the shutter from being released if the exposure is longer than 1/30 second.

The camera offers DX coding of  ISO 100 to 640. Films without DX coding are set to ISO 100. DX coding is seen on the AF-9 and CD range but not in the classic 35mm cameras until the GT-X and GT-S.

The special AF flash unit is attached by a three bent pin and locked by a spring clip on the other side.

The range of adjustments of the autofocus is indicated in the view finder in the centre as a small circle. The autofocus is reliable but results in a small latency in the release.

The camera was not successful, most likely because of it's appearance that has given it the label as Minox's most ugly camera. It is not included in the Minox family tree. Although included here along with the AF mini (which really has the hallmarks of the later CD range) and the AF-90 they are not a group.

The AF continues it own way with the handbook opening from the top of the page and being made of glass fibre strengthened Novodur (not Makrolon).

It also has

The film chamber back hinges open and is not removed. There is no databack option.

On the front, next to the lens is the on switch. It powers down if left for 10 minutes. The battery compartment is awkward to open and the marking confusing.

Original price in 1989 was 419DEM and with the electronic flash, AF-F 455DEM.


02/04/05 111EUR
02/04/14 141EUR box with AF-F
02/05/05 51.10EUR
02/08/20 48.77GBP box
02/11/21 82EUR box
03/07/09 51.37EUR
03/07/18 51EUR
03/07/30 73USD
06/06/28 45USD
08/02/16 63EUR

Set with flash
* 03/01/24 69USD
03/07/14 249USD
04/05/29 53USD
04/09/20 100GBP
06/04/16 21.50EUR

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