Boltax Model III

The first Japanese cameras to use the Bolta film where the Boltax I, II and II manufactured by Miyagawa Seisakusho in Tokyo, Japan in 1938. These cameras have small barrel shaped viewfinders and fitted with a Picner Anastigmat f4.5 40mm lens.

Model II & III have accessory shoe and had a removable waist level finder.

Accessories include a small, press-on yellow filter and a truly novel telescoping lens shade. 

The aperture is f4.5 to f16.  The shutter is marked speeds B, 25, 50, 100. The shutter is operated by two levers, one to cock the shutter and the other to release it.  Some of the bright metal parts are nickel-plated and some are chrome-plated.

Ebay 2005/11/27 152.50USD, 2006/02/04 58.77USD, 2006/03/25 180EUR+commission, 2006/05/03 45.78USD (case), 2006/05/09 140.48USD, 2007/07/08 102GBP, 2007/08/08 145.28USD



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