Rollei 16s - introduction

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Released in 1966 production continued until 1972. About 20,000 where made.  The only visible difference between the 16 and 16s, other than the badge, is that the door release was moved from the back to behind the viewing lens which is accessible when the camera is opened to take a picture. The focal distance scale is dual metric and imperial and the film speed dial is ASA and DIN, as in the later Rollei 16 models.

The Rollei 16 and 16s are similar to the Edixa 16, sharing the same RADA Super 16 cassette needing to be rewound back into the cassette when the film is finished,  and both having 12x17mm negatives. Unlike the Edixa which uses a take up spool the Rollei needs the bottom perforation to advance the film to the next frame. To address the film jamming problems the Rollei 16-s has two pins, one each side of the film plane. This helped with the strain on the film but did not solve the problem completely.

Available with cream snake, black snake, black, green, and red leather.  


Years of production 1966 - 1972
Lens Carl Zeiss 25mm Tessar f/2.8 with parallax-compensated bright-line view finder and a 45 degree angle of view
Aperture f 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22
Shutter Speeds B, 1/30 - 1/500, automatic exposure with manual settings for B and flash use
Focus 16 inches (40cm) to infinity
Flash sync. electronic flash and bulbs at 1/30 second
Negative Size 12x17 mm, 18 exposures
Finishes chrome - matt aluminium with inlay in a choice of black, black snake, cream snake, green and red
Manuals English, German (supplement to Rollei 16 for 16s owners)
Dimensions 4.375 inches (long - viewfinder closed) x 1.125 inches (high) x 1.75 inches (thick)
11 x 2.9 x 4.3 cm
Weight approx. 9.125 ounces, 260 grams


Case Leather black
Measuring chain  
Filters H1 0x, R1 0x, R1.5, R2 0.5x, green, orange, yellow
Auxiliary lenses Mutar 15mm 0.6x wide, 43mm 1.7x telephoto
Tripod Adapter  
Flash Bulb unit  

Depth of field scale

Lens Opening Without Mutars With 1.7x Tele Lens With 0.6x Wide  Lens
F 3.5      
F 4      
F 5.6      
F 8      
F 11      

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