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Film dated 69 is in aluminium containers, packed two to a box. Later films dated 1980 are packaged signally in plastic containers or as a pair. Some film is labelled in English only and has a Rollei Honeywell logo. The later films shown above are in four languages.

Rollei film has a single perforation, which is needed for the film advance. Repackaged film is available, but there have been very mixed reports about the quality of the cartridge and in the re-spooling of this film from some sources.. 

Information on reloading RADA (Rollei, Wirgin, Goldeck, etc) cassettes is available from the SubClub ( ).

Model Super 16 black & white, Colour negative and colour transparency 
Purchased 1980/07/09 50 films for 57 GBP, 1.14 GBP each
Date of Manufacture
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2001/08/23 16DEM, 2001/09/12 19.95USD, 2002/05/10 8EUR (box), ASA100 2002/09/30 68.88USD, ASA 64 transparencies 2002/10/06 30USD, ASA 80 color 2002/10/07 30.97USD, ASA125 b/w 2002/11/13 16.50EUR (x2 box), 2002/11/25 17.50USD (x6 cassettes), 2002/12/11 21.06USD (b/w+color), 2003/11/09 17.50EUR (x4), 2003/12/25 10.01USD (box, color), 2004/12/15 39USD (b/w x4), 2005/01/06 29USD (b/w x4), 2007/01/30 41USD (boxed b/w, pair)

Last Updated on 30th January 2007