Konan - 16 Automat (flash synch.)

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The Konan 16 Automat was soon improved to include a flash synch. This sample dates from after September 1951, the official end of US occupation of Japan.


Different colour have been reported for the Konan 16 Automat, including an all black version used by the Japanese Police and in "Spy Camera", page 53,  Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny reports blue, green, red and chrome as well as a chequered or waffled design and one with a special gilt finish.

The camera comes in a blue velvet box with gold lettering.
Model 16 Automat - improved version with flash synch
Serial # 13450
Lens Rokkor f3.5/25mm
Shutter T, B, 1/25-1/200sec.
Viewfinder Newton finder
Film advance Push & Pull operation
Film 16mm, loaded in the magazine
Finish/colour stainless steel
Case dark brown leather with red velvet lining
Box dark blue velvet on the outside
Accessories leather strap, Yellow filter, Close up lens
Instructions English
Purchased 2004/02/1
Date of Manufacture >1951 by Chiyoda Optical (the original name of Minolta)  
Cost 280USD+ import duty
Current Value 350USD
Auction Price Ebay
*2001/10/22 132GBP,
*2002/03/11 290USD (case, box, #13730),
2002/04/20 150EUR,
2002/06/05 177.50USD (#15130),
2002/07/06 77USD,
2002/08/27 137.50USD,
2002/09/20 200EUR (cassette #18312),
2003/01/31 178.50USD (case),
2003/04/15 204.50USD  (re-listed 
2003/05/31 for 289USD, boxed, case, cassette),
2003/06/22 125GBP,
2003/06/23 81USD,
2003/07/13 129.50USD,
2003/11/29 103.51USD, 
 *2004/02/11 280USD (box, filters, flash unit, literature),
2004/03/01 185.49USD (#11278),
2004/05/03 133.81USD (case, filters),
2004/05/19 188.05USD (#15400),
2004/09/23 199.99USD (box),
2004/10/22 104.50USD,
2004/11/01 33USD,
2005/01/24 206.50USD (case, filters, instructions),
2005/02/07 157.50USD (case, filters),
2005/02/11 108.50USD (case, filters, instructions),
2005/02/28 123.61USD (case, filters, instructions), 
2005/03/25 83USD (case),
2005/05/09 77.81USD,
2005/05/18 113.61USD (#24270),
2006/01/10 53USD  (case),
2006/03/24 74.50USD (case),
2006/04/09 104.50USD,
2006/06/27 80USD,
2006/07/26 22.60AUD (9.21GBP, #14480),
2006/11/09 27.56USD,
2007/01/22 74.50USD,
2007/02/17 57USD (case),
2007/05/07 51USD,
2007/05/11 27GBP,
2007/06/28 109.50USD,
2007/10/09 203.50USD (box, instructions),
2008/01/10 71.98USD
2008/01/27 115UD (case, filters)
Comment includes two cassettes

The brown leather case is lined with red velvet and has pockets for the yellow filter and close up lens. The strap is a substantial solid leather. The Minolta 16 strap is a very thin leader, stitched, with a string core for strength.

The frame counter wheel is located in the centre of the camera.

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