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The Mikroma series of cameras were incredible Communist-era sub-miniature cameras, made by the Czechoslovak national photographic company, MeOpta (which had, and has today, its headquarters in Prerov). The camera was developed for a number of uses, including for the Czechoslovak State Secret Service. It is the smallest camera made in the former Soviet bloc that still resembles a camera. The Mikroma exists in green, black, gold and stereo versions. This is the green stereo Mikroma.

The Stereo Mikroma was introduced in the late 1950's and was produced probably until about 1965. Unlike the normal Mikroma I, the Stereo has a flash synchro, and an actual trigger (next to the film winder). Aperture adjusts from f3.5 to f22. 

This camera takes two pictures at once, which are later recombined for one 3D image in a viewfinder (the Meoskop, a la the ViewMaster)

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Auction Price Ebay 2002/06/24 280USD, 2002/07/11 164.47USD with cutter, 2002/07/27 170GBP , 2002/08/07 143.50USD, 2002/08/12 295AUS, 2002/10/13 116EUR, 2002/10/27 240EUR with cutter, 2002/10/30 511USD boxed with macro, cutter, viewer, filters , 2002/11/29 280USD with cutter, viewer and filters, 2002/11/18 202.9EUR, 2005/05/12 124.45USD , 2007/04/29 210.50USD (box)


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