Mikroma II green (late)

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Mikroma II was introduced in 1957 and was produced probably until the late 1960's. It replaced the Mikroma I, and improved on the original design by adding a flash synchro (it's true! in the pictures, on the right side), and an actual trigger (on the left in the picture, as opposed to the all in one film advance lever/trigger combo of the Mikroma I).

Model Mikroma II Meopta Mirar 2nd type
Lens Serial # 14778
Dimensions 75x43x40mm
Weight 230grams
Purchased Ebay 91EUR 2002/10/12
Date of Manufacture between 1959 and 1961
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/08/31 133EUR, 2002/12/02 175USD boxed with copy stand, developing tank and filters, 2005/09/26 110.30USD, 2006/02/28 59.50USD (case), *2006/06/15 93USD (case, with telephoto lens Taylor Hobson), 2006/07/09 44.49EUR, 2007/02/23 55.99GBP (box), 2007/04/16 125USD, 2007/04/19 90.99USD (case), 2007/11/28 152.50AUD (66.20GBP with projector)


Last Updated on 8th December 2007